When to Use DC Appliances, when using solar

When to Use DC Appliances, when using solar

Direct Current (DC) power in most mini solar system applications makes living off the grid less costly and more luxurious. Some folks hesitate to use their battery DC power directly, fearing complexity in wiring for different voltages or believing DC requires large wires throughout the home.


Using BOTH AC and DC, each where most appropriate, makes a better working and less costly power system. DC is better suited for those few items that need a little power available all the time e.g fans, light bulbs, Tv, Motion sensing outdoor lights and a doorbell are good examples. Turning those appliances off at night and when the house is vacant to save power just defeats their purpose.


Most solar charge controllers have DC load section on them with functions particular with different brands, for connecting safely to DC power from the battery. A circuit breaker or fuse on the main wire is as important for DC as for AC.

The appliances mentioned are mostly low wattage, so most DC circuits can be installed with 2.5mm/4mm standard house wire.

These products run on significantly less power when designed for low voltage DC:

DC ceiling and standing fans in our catalog use a lot less power for distributing home heat than AC models, though their speed is only low on 12 volts but there performance is consistent.

12V DC standing fan

Inside lights can be either DC powered or AC powered. AC 220 volt lighting is usually easier to get and lower cost, more practical for most solar homes. DC lighting is best in small house, shops, cabins, also in any battery rooms because you may need to work on wiring with the AC power off. DC lighting can be advantageous on a single reading light used long hours when no other power is being used. This avoids power drain of the inverter to run just that one light.

12V DC t8 tube light

New LED white light bulbs can be left on all the time using one single watt or less. We supply 12 volt screw-in LED bulbs, tubes(T8) in several brightness levels. There will be more white LED lighting products in the future. These save off-grid energy only by operating on DC power so the inverter can be off.

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