Polycrystalline 140W Solar Panel

Regular price ₦27,500.00 NGN

Sunshine Solar manufactures and distributes photovoltaic modules of high quality for a wide range of markets and there award winning product 140W series is now also available in Nigeria

Sunshine  Polycrystalline high efficiency solar panel is Ideal for isolated solar power systems, these photovoltaic panels can be used individually or associated, serving energy systems of different sizes and providing electricity for all kinds of application.



 Test standard conditions (STC *)

Maximum power (Pm):

140 Watts


-3% / + 3%

Maximum Output Voltage (R):

18.0 Volts

Maximum power current (Im):

7.77 Amps

Open circuit voltage (Voc):

22.5 Volts

Short Circuit Current (Isc):

8.4 Amps

Maximum System Voltage:

1000 Volts

Panel efficiency: +14.0%