Famicare 200Ah 12V Inveter Battery

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This Famicare 200Ah 12V Battery is commonly used in the following applications: Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Street Lighting, Solar, Emergency Lighting, Security.

When selecting solar batteries (deep cycle batteries), you'll have the option to use flooded lead acid (FLA) batteries or sealed batteries (AGM or Gel cell). Keep in mind that FLA batteries require a bit of maintenance, however, they generally last longer than their sealed counterparts, however, the Famicare battery 200AH 12V Gell stands as one of those solar batteries that promise better performance than its counterpart deep cycle batteries in Nigeria.

Features of The Famicare 200AH 12V Battery:

(Capacity)            :

20 Hour Rate      200AH

10 Hour Rate      184AH

5 Hour Rate        160AH

1.       Superior Quality

2.       Durable, Effective & Reliable

3.       4 years Long-lasting & efficient life span at 30% DOD

4.       Overcharge & deep discharge protection

5.       Compact design and heavy duty grids.

6.       Low self-discharge.

7.       Wide operating temperature.