KBM Power Inverter - Battery Clips 12VDC to 220V AC - 1000W

Regular price ₦127,880.00 NGN

  • Input Voltage 12V
  • Output Voltage 220V-240V
  • Rated Power 1000W
  • Efficiency >70%
  • The pure sine wave inverter is built-in intelligent temperature-controlled fan; 
  • The internal temperature is higher, the speed of the fan is faster; 
  • High-quality fine copper inductance, double loop bank winding output inductance, which can ensure the output voltage wave shape
  • The battery specified voltage should be in conformity with the input voltage of the inverter; 
  • The voltage of the appliance must correspond with the inverter specified output voltage; 
  • Ensure the power of the appliance is under the inverter rated output power; 
  • The green light is on, the inverter begins to work and your appliance can be used.
  1. 1000W Inverter
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