Luminous Solar Hybrid 850 VA Home UPS

Sale price ₦62,788.00 NGN Regular price ₦65,000.00 NGN

Luminous Solar is a powerful hybrid inverter with 30 Amp inbuilt charge Controller. It is India's most intelligent solar system which gives priority to solar power use to save on electricity bills. The Solar Inverter charges the battery from grid and Solar panel both. If Sun energy is available then It charges the battery from solar Panel and if Solar is not available, then the inverter charges the battery from Mains/Grid. It can charge the battery and supply solar power to connected load if solar generation is sufficient otherwise it gives first priority to solar battery charging and then supply additional power to connected loads.

  • First of its kind Home UPS that delivers both AC & DC output
  • Up to 600 Watt PV Module solar panel compatibility
  • No. of Pieces: 1
  • Pure Sine wave output provides better performance & safety to the output load