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Subshine 60W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Sale price ₦13,500.00 NGN Regular price ₦15,000.00 NGN

New to solar? This Sunshine polycrystalline solar panel is the perfect kit for someone who wants to begin utilizing solar energy for their off-grid adventures. 
Sunshine 60W Polycrystalline Solar Panel with which is designed to work in Tropics. 

This kit is the perfect introduction to solar!. This type of module is commenly use for the small off-grid system.

Electrical parameters at Standard Test Conditions (STC)
Module name:TK -P60-18
Module type TK60P-17b
Power output Pmax W 60
Power output tolerances ΔPmax % +/- 3 +/- 3
Module efficiency ηm % 13.2 12.0
Voltage at Pmax Vmpp V 17.5 17.2
Current at Pmax Impp A 334 
Open-circuit voltage Voc V 22.0 21.5
Short-circuit current Isc A 3.53