SG 1230W – 30W DC Solar Generator with FM Radio

Regular price ₦48,000.00 NGN

This portable Solar Power Generator is ideal for providing electrical power and lighting for remote homes, emergency power, disaster relief, camping, boating – anywhere you need power on-demand with no fuel-costs or pollution. Also, have FM Radio and MP3 Player function can power 14inches 12V DC TV and 16inches 12V DC Fan.
  • System configuration
    • Model: SG1230W
    • 1 x solar panel: 30W with 6m cable
    • 1 x battery: Maintenance-free lead-acid battery 18Ah/12V
    • 6 x LED bulb: 3 x 3W bulb & 3 x 5W bulb with 4m cable and Switch
    • 1 x USB cable: Suitable for cell phone and handheld devices
    • Working time: All bulbs together 6-10 hours