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Solar 12v Dc Pressing Iron 150w

Regular price ₦11,500.00 NGN

DC 12v spray pressing iron is a unique product that meets our daily need of having to put on straight, well-ironed clothes at all times irrespective of whether there is PHCN, generator or even inverter. All that is needed is a 12v battery. The 12v DC steam iron comes with a 3m cable and battery clamp to attach to battery head. Simply attach to battery terminals in the right polarity and start ironing whether it is at home, laundry shop, camping, hospital etc. A standard fully charged car battery of 75amps can power the DC 12v solar steam iron for 3hours in a stretch because it is low power consumption.   Did I mention it can also be powered by solar panel directly(100w to 150w)


  • 12v 
  • 150w power consumption 
  • Auto regulator
  • Stain-proof plate
  • 5m cable
  • Battery Clamp
  • Power indicator 


  • Manual
  • 12V DC iron