Solar Lantern + Radio+MP3 & Phone Charger

Regular price ₦14,500.00 NGN

Solar camping light SZYL-SCL-10 : This solar LED Lantern is designed with a polycarbonate plastic casing, to with stand medium pressure during falls. It snow white bright light is well spread for reading, room or camping post illumination.

It is charge with solar(sun energy) or AC power source(PHCN), it industrial quality deep Cycle rechargeable battery provide minimum 8hours standby power.


  • Dual charging Source
  • Dependable for household, schools, hostel,churches standby lighting.
  • Will entertain you with radio or mp3 player with high quality audio output


1. 15times Brighter than Kerosene lantern  
2. 1Pc  6V 4.5Ah rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery 
3. 20 Hours of light     
4.FM scan radio & MP3 function 
5.With USB and SD port           
6.With solar charger & mobile charger
7.220V two flat pin plug  
8. blue color    
9.With solar panel Mono 3W/9V   

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