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PWM Solar Charge Controller-48V 80A

PWM Solar Charge Controller-48V 80A

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CK80-80A 48V 80A PMW solar charge controller is a one in a kind of intelligent, multi-purpose solar controllers. It has a Fixed LCD display with a very friendly user interface. It PMW smart charging capabilities are one of industry latest innovation which complements it Temperature compensation sensor( extends battery life in most systems by at least 20% in Tropical Zones e.g Nigeria, Brazil). This solar charge controller various control parameters can be flexibly set to fully meet your various application requirements. 


  • Data such as voltage, current and state of charge can also be displayed digitally as figures on the display.
  • Comes with Temperature sensor for smarter battery charging
  • Aluminium framing for efficient cooling and neat installation
  • Large surface area of connection ports for wire gauge 4mm-16mm

1. Overload protection 
2. Short circuit protection
3. Converse discharge protection
4. Reverse polarity connection protection
5. Thunder protection
6. Low voltage protection
7. Overcharge protection
8. Batteries stop and charge voltage HVD sets up
9. Charge and low voltage LCD sets up
10. Display the capability of the battery SOC                

Max Load current
Rated voltage
Input voltage range
No load loss
Max Terminal wire area
Ambient temperature
Battery Type
Charging Mode
≤50V /100V
 GEL, Flooded, Sealed
Bulk, absorbtion, Float and Equalization
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