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Rally Distill Water 4 Litres For Tubular

Rally Distill Water 4 Litres For Tubular

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Rally Distilled water is purified water without salts and impurities, macro and micro elements and without harmful additives. It has no heavy metals, bacteria or viruses. Our distilled water can be used in inverter Tubular batteries and in steam irons, since it prevents the iron from getting blocked up inside from minerals and any other applications where pure water is a condition for reliability or performance. 


Benefits of Rally Distilled Water


*It is used for dilution of acid in inverter Tubular batteries. Distilled water itself is a good solvent. But if it is comprised of salts and impurities, the products resulting from electrochemical reactions are deposited on the plates, and thus the capacity of the battery will be reduced or eventually even damaged. Hence, distilled water is not replaceable and the better the quality, the longer the battery life.


* Distilled water is used in irons and steam generators to generate steam for ironing or cleaning.

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