Solar Home Lighting Kit 2 LED BULBS with phone charging

Sale price ₦11,500.00 NGN Regular price ₦13,500.00 NGN

This Solar Light Kit produces quality white florecent light which are most suitable for long hours lighting of Homes, Hostels, reading e.t.c.


  • Free Sunshine Bring Unlimited Energy.
  • Long hours  Home Lighting, Camping Tent,Vacation & Hunting Cottage.
  • Light in different places at a time
  • As adaptor for charging with PHCN on cloudy days
  • Very mobile and handy
  • 2 years battery life replaceable lithuim ion battery


  • Solar panel: 4W 11V, 5M cable
  • Light source: 1W LED bulb * 3 pcs 
  • Battery: 2600mAh 7.4V lithium
  • LED bulb: each with 5M cable and switch on cable, IP54.
  • LED charging indicator: yes
  • Mobile phone charging: Multi-cable usb adaptor
  • Overcharge and over discharge protection: yes
  • Rechargeable by AC charger
  • Working hours on full battery;

    1 LED bulb: 16hrs

    2 LED bulbs: 8hrs

  • Last up to 8hours after fully charged.

USAGE GUILDLINE :  Customers are advised to charge device for up to 8 hours before usage to enable the lithium battery function properly.